Battlefield 4: PLD (Laser Designator) Gadget Overview

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The PLD (Portable Laser Designator) is a handheld device that is capable of identifying enemy vehicle targets in Battlefield 4. Using this device and designating enemy tanks, helicopters, LAVs, etc, gives your team or squad the ability to lock-on to these vehicles with launchers using advanced targeting systems.

BF4 PLD (Laser Designator)

The laser on this gadget is capable of designating ground-based vehicles at distances up to 500 meters and aerial-based vehicles at distances up to 300 meters. It has a rangefinder and is also able to switch between 1x and 3x zoom modes to better focus on targets across maps.

The PLD can also be used to spot enemies that are hiding or in tough-to-see areas. It’s scope provides the user with a thermal view making it easy to pick out enemies via their heat signatures on the map. This is a great tool for pointing out enemies to your team or squad and picking up some easy assist points.

The PLD is available to players using the Recon class by default. You can earn both spotting and assist points by painting targets for your teammates to take out using launchers or other weaponry.

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